Our Industry

The vision for the County is rural communities
working in harmony to provide opportunities for all
its citizens through balanced growth and enhanced
education, while preserving our proud heritage,
natural resources and agriculture.

Florida has (NO) ZERO – Personal Income Tax

Florida is a Right to Work State and boasts the 3rd lowest private sector unionization rate in the U.S.

Our Industry

From the days when  turpentine was drilled from trees to advanced technology, the region has progressed and evolved.

Our industry is as diverse as our people, attracted to the area because of the low cost of doing business, high quality of life, close-knit communities and access to recreation and resources. Agriculture and eco-tourism have always been staples of Gilchrist County.

There are approximately 305 businesses in Gilchrist County,

with the three largest sectors being (listed at % of total workforce):


Education & Health Services


Natural Resource & Mining


Trade, Transportation & Utilities

The top growing sectors are:

Construction and Extraction Occupations

Food Preparation and Service

Computer and Mathematical Occupations

Government (Education, Prison)

Agriculture (Dairies, Farms and Nurseries)

Forestry (Chips, Mulch, Timber and Pine Straw)

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